UV - 2600 / 2700
Powerful Performance & Functionality in a Compact Design

  • High resolution UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with 1 nm spectral bandwidth over the entire wavelength range of 1100 nm – 190 nm
  • Enhanced accuracy and sensitivity in spectroscopic measurements with high performance Czerny – Turner optics for high energy throughput
  • Wide dynamic photometric range with ultra low stray light
  • Measurement reliability with low baseline drift and photometric noise
  • High Signal-to-Noise ratio due to improved baseline flatness over entire range
  • Complies with all Pharmacopoeial requirements – EP / USP / BP
  • Flexible and user friendly operation in stand-alone mode or through Windows based UV – ProbeTM software as standard
  • Access control through password protection, even in stand-alone mode
  • Built in validation program, diagnostic and security functions
  • Standard operating modes includes Spectrum, Quantitation, Kinetics, Multi-component, Photometric, Multi-wavelength photometric & Bio – Mode (DNA & Protein Quantitation)
  • Five USB ports for data storage and transfer through pen drives
  • Saves valuable laboratory space with compact design, small foot print and only 15 kg in weight
  • Complete IQ / OQ and validation support
UV - 1800


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