DSC-60 Series

DSC-60 Plus Series

  • High performance DSC for routine as well as critical applications
  • Based on proven “Heat Flux” type measurement
  • Sub ambient temperature analysis without any extra cooling accessory
  • Best in class stable baseline from ultra-low -140 to high 600 deg C temperature
  • Unique detector and furnace construction design achieves noise level less than 0.5 microwatts
  • High sensitivity measurements to detect the smallest calorimetric changes
  • Various material sample pans available covering wider applications
  • Auto sampler with 24 loaded samples available to maximize productivity
  • Eco friendly design to consume less energy compare to conventional models
  • PC based Windows compatible software for easy operation
  • Complies to GMP and 21 CFR part 11 guidelines
  • Fully automatic software controlled device controls flow of 3 gases simultaneously
  • Supplied with TA-60WS workstation which can control 4 modules simultaneously
DSC - 60 Plus Series

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