ICPE-9800 Series

ICPE - 9800 Series

ICPE-9800 Series

  • Leading Edge Multitype ICP mission Spectrometer for High Accuracy Ultra Trace Element Detection
  • Vertical torch design minimizes any adhesion of sample on the torch walls and reduces memory effect
  • Simultaneous quantitation for multiple elements & qualitative determinations
  • High resolution & sensitivity with wide dynamic range through 1-inch CCD detector of one million pixels capable of simultaneous recording of all wavelengths
  • Shimadzu’s unique mini-torch design achieves high sensitivity and reduces argon gas consumption for lower running costs
  • Vacuum spectrometer eliminates the need of purge gas reducing running cost & enables measurement of low UV elements
  • Dual viewing system with automatic switchover between Radial & Axial viewing makes sample analysis with complex matrices easier
  • Advanced ICPEsolution Software with Method Development Assistant & automatic setting of accurate measurement conditions which also complies to 21 CFR part 11
  • Automatic selection of optimal analysis wavelength for minimizing spectral interference
  • Equipped with qualitative database calibration for high precision Qualitative Analysis for completely unknown samples with unknown concentration limits
ICPE - 9000

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