Specac provide accurate and reliable IR and FTIR sample handling accessories to academic, industrial and research institutions worldwide. Spectroscopists around the globe depend upon Specac for innovative products that keep pace with the changing needs of their markets.

Specac manufactures an extensive range of FTIR Accessories, IR Polarizer and Pellet Press Products for Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy. These products include ATR Accessories, Specular Reflectance  Accessories, Diffuse Reflectance Accessories, Liquid Transmission and Gas Transmission Cells, as well as Infrared and Terahertz Wire Grid Polarizers, Bench-Top Hydraulic Presses, KBr Pellet Presses, XRF Pellet Presses, Thin Film Making Kits and Evacuable Pellet Dies.

Specac, UK, has been part of the Smiths Group since 1997.

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